Dienstag, 16. April 2013

photos for better mood

So my last post wasn't very pura vida.. I'm still waiting for a new hostfamily, but my two other exchange friends, already have one, so there is hope.

For a better mood I'd like to share some photos of my one week holiday semana santa (easter) with you.

 "To the lack of public toiltes in Tamarindo, leave your dump here."
 The volcano Arenal.
 Orchids in my backyard.
A  beautiful orchid on a orchid fair. (the orchid is costa ricas national flower)

Sonntag, 31. März 2013


I reached a point where I can't stand it anymore. A lot had happened since the last time I posted. I'm a proud person so I didn't say anything, but I have to change my hostfamily for my last 3 months. My hostsister wants me out of the family and I have no clue why, she is so angry that she can't tell me a reason. I for my self think she might be jealous or something, but you never know.
Right now I'm sitting in my room, alone, while the house is full of people. Upstairs the so called "teenagers" (I would rather call them kids) watching a horror movie and downstairs the women talking about the best recipies. I wasn't even asked to join them. I'm just the exchange student, sitting here like the scum nobody wants. I only went out one time to eat a banana and found my hostsister and her friends stop talking and watching me getting my banana, they were talking about me. I feel so unconfortable and unwanted, I want Intercultura to hurry up with finding my new hostfamily. Finally they doing something (but my mom nearly had to threathen them with a lawyer)

I hope this is gonna be over soon, I reached the limit of my powers.

Dienstag, 26. Februar 2013

sorry guys

I know I wasn't blogging since the beginning of my vacations here in Costa Rica and I'm really sorry, I can't say that I didn't have the time, I was just a lazy ass, as always. (or like the costaricans say: Que pereza.)
I had a lot of fun in my holidays, I went to beaches, to the gym to malls and did whatever I liked to do, every day. Also I went on the Isla Chira trip with my organization, to do a "eco volunteer" but actually we just ended up helping out the staff in the only hotel on the island where we were staying. But I had a lot of fun with my friends so it was pretty cool.
Right now there are less than 4 months left and my Mom will come to pick me up; so you can say I'm emotionally pretty confused right now.. So please don't be angry with me, when my posts are boring, to short or sensless, sometimes I don't even know what I'm writing.

PURA VIDA! (that's what I know)

Dienstag, 25. Dezember 2012


Soo first Merry Christmas everybody! I dind't write anything in quite a long time.. I'm sorry, but I'm actually doing something here, so sometimes I just don't have the time (all lies, I'm just too lazy)
Christmas was really nice. Yesterday on the 24th we ate together in the night and watched the fireworks at 12 in the night, this is how they're celebrating Jesus birth here. Today we got up at 9 and gave each other our presents, I always love that part, not because I get a present, more because I can make someone happy. Afterwards we went to the church and visited some familymembers.
I'm really, really tired right now. I made some nice shots of the lights outside..

Samstag, 1. Dezember 2012


My holidays started this week! That means nearly 3 months no school! Tomorrow I gonna go on a trip with my hostfamily to Guanacaste, for a week. It's gonna be wonderful, I'm already pretty tanned, but there I gonna give my tan perfection. I will post photos and everything when I'm back!

Samstag, 10. November 2012


So yesterday I came back from my 3 day Tortuguero trip and I had so much fun! I saw so many animals 3 out of 4 monkeys who live here in Costa Rica (White Face, Spider Monkey and a sort of howler monkey I guess) than Crocodiles, Arrow Poison Frogs, Snakes, Baby Turtles...

So we started Wednesday in the morning.. A friend slept at my house, because so it was easier for her to get there. We met at 6 ' clock and took a bus in San José who made a stop also in Heredia so everyone had a good opurtunity do get there. On the way we made a stop to have breakfast, there I saw a sloth with a little baby sloth, damn cute! We arrived like.. 10 or 11 o' clock I can't really remember it.. We had time to look around a little. It wasn't really a hotel more like little lodges on stilts (you really need them there.. a hell lot of rain on the caribbean side!!)
After lunch we went to the little town of Tortuguero, where everything was pretty touristic (they could only give us money change in dollars and every second person was from the states or germay)We walked around a little and took some pictures at the beach.
In the evening we played some stupid group games with our organization.. Ok they tried..

Thursday we went on a pretty rainy trip trough the canals of the national park. It was wonderful, though I feared that some crocodiles would kick our little boat all the time, but it didn't happen. Our driver had eagle eyes, he saw even the smallest animals, but taking photos was really hard, because as I said it rained (as the british would say) cats and dogs.
We also walked a little around in the rainforest (but just in the part that belonged to the hotel) earlier, there I saw a poison arrow frog.
In the evening we "danced" a little and had some fun. I stayed up too long..

Friday in the morning I had to get up at 4:30 to see the little baby turtles on their way to the sea. I was tired as hell but this experience was totally worth it! We got back at 6:30 I just fell in my bed because it was freezing cold and all my clothes were wet as hell. But I got up at 7 again to eat. Pretty soon after breakfast we left.

I had wonderful 3 days. I'm really exhausted but yeah totally worth it ;)

Donnerstag, 25. Oktober 2012

birthday girl

I promised you guys, to tell you how my birthday was.. I'm sorry to disappoint you, but it wasn't that special. No emotional breakdown, no special activities; just like every other ordenary day. Ok I had a cake. My presents from germany didn't arrived yet, so I'm still waiting for them. Saturday I'm going to celebrate my birthday a little with a couple of friends, cake, movies and food. Nothing big, just a little celebrating my 17 years of life.

You'll hear from me soon!